Monday and Friday Short Courses

If you are interested in signing up to any of these courses, please send a message to and to

Courses will take place in the Mercure Florianopolis Convention Center, which is also the conference venue.
Course 1 (Monday, 8:30 - 17:00): Analysis of towed ADCP data by Arnoldo Valle-Levinson
Synopsis: In this short course, the participant will be provided a data set from a tidal cycle collection of velocity profiles along one transect. The participant will read the data, extract useful information and separate tidal from non-tidal signals. At the end, the participant will be able to generate contour plots of non-tidal flow, amplitude of one tidal harmonic, and phase of the tidal harmonic. It is essential that the participant has familiarity with a matrix-based program such as Matlab or Python or IDL. Participants should bring their own laptop with the appropriate software.

Places: 20
1. Renan Peixoto 
2. Laura Verona 
3. Tonia Astrid Capuano 
4. Matheus Ruiz 
5. Juan Felipe Paniagua 
6. Paula Birocchi
7. Danilo Augusto Silva
8. Maria Helena Antonio 
9. Paulo Sigaúque
10. Rafaela Farias do Nascimento 
11. Luiza Stein 
12. Alex Kurczyn 
13. Oscar Alvarez 
14. Luis Garbossa 
15. Olga Jacoba Cordoba Janssen 
16. Eva Pavo Fernandez
17. David Luersen Moreira
18. Mariana Quesadas
19. Felipe Pimenta
20. Guto 
21. Diego Bitencourt

Get data file here 

Course 2 (Monday, 8:30 - 17:00): Coastline evolution assessment by Luis Pedro de Almeida
Synopsis: in this short course there will be the presentation a hand-on use of 'e-CASSIE' tool, which is a freeware tool developed on the Google Earth API engine. It permits the automatic mapping and analysis of coastline of different environments, such as estuarine borders and beaches using Google Earth satellite database, Landsat and Sentinel images also, and computing capacity of Google Couth. 

Places: 20
1. Pablo Santoro
2. Michelle Jackson 
3. Julio Salcedo
4. Carine Costa 
5. Diego Moreira 
6. Maria Ballesteros 
7. Ximena Flores 
8. Débora C. Hymans
9. Andres Garcia 
10. Paulo Victor Marchetto Silva 
11. Cíntia Sotoriva Schiochet
12. Mattheus Carmo 
13. Gisselle Guerra 
14. Pedro Veras Guimarães 

Friday course Hydromares/Sontek:
Cíntia Schiochet
Olga Jacoba Cordoba Janssen  
Tonia Astrid Capuano 
Luiza Stein
Danilo Silva
Debora Hymans 
Carine de Godoi Rezende Costa